If you only had one year…

If you found that you had only one year to live what would you do?

I would mend broken relationships, strengthen the ones I have and forge new ones. I would cherish those closest to me and make sure they knew how much I truly do love them. Not just in actions or speech but in something tangible that they could hold on to and have it remind me them.  I would drive Highway 1 during the summer with Susan and show her how the stars kiss the horizon.  I’d go back to New York City, to Times Square, to my favorite vendor there on 46th for a pretzel, a coke, and to hear a New Yorker call me Tex.  I’d finally go to the Grand Canyon, the Four Corners and then on to Las Vegas to play a hand or two of Poker in Dad’s memory, maybe some slots like our trip on the Texas Treasure.

I want to pack up and travel to England to see an old castle there with the Warblington name… see the English country side, then on to Ireland, maybe even Scotland too.  Put away my watch and pick up my camera instead. I still want to see the Northeast Coast during the fall, the Polar Bears in Manitoba, Canada and, if we’re lucky maybe even the Northern Lights.

I’ll do more work on my Mustang,  participate in National and local car shows, be involved.

I’d settle my affairs so that my family wouldn’t be burdened by them. I’d make the arrangements, the phone calls, and the decisions in advance because a grieving family shouldn’t have to.  I’ll even decide who gets my Converse All-Stars collection, my watches, and the Mustang… Maybe not the Mustang.

I would live. I would find a way to love life in those final days rather than concentrate on the thought of dying. I would live every day.  Embracing every moment and drinking it in deeply with no regrets and no complaints.

I’m not ill nor going to die in a year but if you think about it what makes any day different that the day after finding out that kind of news? We are all dying; we’ve been dying since the moment we were born. So why do we hold back? Why do we put off things when they may never come?

Today is the day to start living.


Dedicated to

  • My Sister: L’na D. Warbington Ralston –  11/26/1961 – 3/1/2014


  • My Father: Clyde H. Warbington – 6/23/1936 – 7/28/2006
  • My Niece: Erika L. Warbington – 2/12/1984 – 7/13/2005
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